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Open Actuarial Textbooks Project: Development Site

This site is for teachers, authors, and others who seek to contribute to the development of free and open actuarial textbooks.

Project Goal

The goal is to have the actuarial community author our textbooks in a collaborative fashion. If this is your first visit to this site, you may wish to get additional background information about the project and its relationship to open education. See the Open Actuarial Textbooks Project Site for more information about the project.

Loss Data Analytics - Edition One

The first edition of Loss Data Analytics, an interactive, online, freely available text, was completed in 2018.

The Open Actuarial Textbooks Landing Page provides access to resources supporting the first edition.

Usage Data

For the book, and many of the supporting projects, we now provide Google Analytics Usage Data. These statistics help to demonstrate the impact of this project on actuarial education.

Development Site

We are currently working on three projects to support open actuarial education: (1) a short course featuring R code tutorials to support Loss Data Analytics, (2) a second edition of Loss Data Analytics, and (3) a new book on life contingent mathematics.

Visit the Short Course; you can see how it came about at our Short Course Development Strategy.

Loss Data Analytics - Edition Two

Work has begun in 2022 to develop a second edition of Loss Data Analytics (LDA).

Life Contingencies

The initial focus of the project is on Loss Data Analytics although we hope to expand to other actuarial texts. In that spirit, a small group has started work on another core discipline within actuarial science.

Other Efforts

R Codes for Loss Data Analytics

This site provides files that generate R codes to support the online text Loss Data Analytics. To get an idea of what the files will generate for users, see the Online Version from R Code Support. Source code is available at our GitHub site.

Overheads for Loss Data Analytics

This site provides chapter summaries in the form of overheads to support the online text Loss Data Analytics. Overheads in .pdf format and source code is available at a development GitHub site.

Translation Demonstration

We are also experimenting with a WordPress site.

Your Help

As described in our License, anyone can use these files. If you want to help and would like more info, please write Jed Frees Much of our efforts are currently being organized the umbrella of the Astin Academy.

Mission of ASTIN Academy

The mission of the ASTIN Academy is to provide high quality free educational materials in non-life insurance to actuarial students across the world. The Academy is committed to open course development under Creative Commons license and seeks innovation in teaching methodologies and application of technology. Let’s build the future of actuarial education together.